"Penn Lea Road" is now published. 
I am so proud of the book that is the culmination of my 2020 Covid Community Project.
It started with the idea of street portraits in Lockdown 1.0. Following a hurtful initial rejection by a mystery household I decided to make it bigger. Much bigger.
Enter a rolling backdrop moving up & down the street.
16 families jumped, smiled, & played instruments on the temporary stage in front of their houses while I photographed.
Next came images of details of their houses; a drone shot of the street; & photos of 100 year old historical documents from the houses.
With each family contributing some well chosen words about their house, or their experience, it was time to design....
Taking all the above I collaborated with the awesome Deborah Ranzetta & together we crafted THE most beautiful book.
Printed by Blurb Books , every household joyfully had one under their Christmas Tree
Despite the haters I believed in my idea. The end result, along with the feedback from the families, somehow balances out some of the negativity around 2020
If you would like to purchase a copy get in contact here
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